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    Andruw Jones

     Andruw Jones is one of the most celebrated Atlanta Braves Players of all  time. Born in the Caribbean island nation of Curacoa, Jones hit 368 home runs  and had an incredible run of 10 consecutive Golden Glove Awards in an  Atlanta Braves' uniform. He also became the youngest player to hit a home run in the World Series  and is known as one of the greatest center fielders in Major League  history. Jones is also a member of the Braves Hall Of Fame. 

    Emory University Alzhiemer's Research


    Alzheimer's disease is a gradually progressive illness of the brain.  Usually the earliest symptom is short-term memory loss. Often people  with early Alzheimer's disease may appear normal to acquaintances.  However, loved ones and close friends may notice repetitious questions  or comments. People with Alzheimer's disease may also have difficulty  recalling appointments or managing checks or bills. With time other  areas of thinking become affected. Often this can be seen with new  difficulty in planning an outing, solving problems, difficulty with  familiar tasks at home or work, confusion with time and/or place,  trouble understanding visual information (e.g. reading or road signs),  difficulty recalling words, problems keeping up with a conversation, and  frequent misplacing things.

    True Story Brands


     True Story Brands is a South African inspired hospitality group by  restaurateur and entrepreneur Justin Anthony. Focusing on sharing the  lifestyle and experience of South Africa, the group encompasses four  iconic Atlanta dining destinations, including 10 Degrees South, Yebo  Beach Haus, Cape Dutch and Biltong Bar. True Story Brands is exactly as  its name implies - a true, real life story from Justin Anthony, and aims  to create unforgettable experiences to all involved in each of the  ventures. True story.

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