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October 24 - 27, 2019

Andruw - Emory - Baha Mar


 Andruw Jones is one of the most celebrated Atlanta Braves Players of all  time. Born in the Caribbean island nation of Curacoa, Jones hit 368 home runs  and had an incredible run of 10 consecutive Golden Glove Awards in an  Atlanta Braves' uniform. He also became the youngest player to hit a home run in the World Series  and is known as one of the greatest center fielders in Major League  history. Jones is also a member of the Braves Hall Of Fame. 


Alzheimer's disease is a gradually progressive illness of the brain.  Usually the earliest symptom is short-term memory loss. Often people  with early Alzheimer's disease may appear normal to acquaintances.  However, loved ones and close friends may notice repetitious questions  or comments. People with Alzheimer's disease may also have difficulty  recalling appointments or managing checks or bills. With time other  areas of thinking become affected. Often this can be seen with new  difficulty in planning an outing, solving problems, difficulty with  familiar tasks at home or work, confusion with time and/or place,  trouble understanding visual information (e.g. reading or road signs),  difficulty recalling words, problems keeping up with a conversation, and  frequent misplacing things.

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Enjoy Our Luxury Casino Steps From The Ocean...   

A casino with an ocean view? Jackpot. Baha Mar is  home to the largest, most thrilling casino in The Bahamas, featuring  over a thousand state-of-the-art slot machines, and 119 action-packed  tables offering blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, and so much more.

Here you’ll find a perfect combination of high energy and sublime  luxury that goes far beyond the dazzling casino floor. Choose from over  40 restaurants, bars, and lounges offering exquisite meals by celebrity  chefs, expertly crafted cocktails enjoyed poolside, and the most  electric nightlife scene in Nassau.

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baha mar casino

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World Class Golf

Royal Blue Golf Course is a wonderfully challenging course designed by Jack Nicholas.  


Fabulos Casino

 Experience non-stop thrills at 119 live tables offering 18 different  games, including: blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette with Vegas  rules and high-limit betting the largest

selection in the Caribbean. 


Beautiful Hotels

Among discerning travelers, tastes  differ but expectations don’t. That’s why Baha Mar offers the choice of  three spectacular Nassau hotels—Grand Hyatt, SLS and Rosewood—each  offering their own unique style of luxury and world-class service, so  you can experience the beauty of a vacation in The Bahamas your way.


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